Is Jay-Z the 6th Hottest MC in the game?

Wanna know some things I don't care about? Nicki Minaj's career, because she has embarrassed rap, and I mean that in the most stupid-ass, "real rap is dead, long live the Golden Age!!11" way. As in she should have her blood let at the foot of Rakim, as Nas and RZA defecate on those creepy plastic models of Nicki from that David Guetta video. I don't care about how annoying you think telemarketers are. But above all, I don't give a f*ck about the MTV Hottest MC list.

Like are these motherf*ckers comatose 2011? Do they not listen to muisc? They didn't notice J. Cole? Like Jim Jones, Maino, Lloyd Banks, Jeezy, Jada, French Montana and MOTHERF*CKING Red Cafe are hotter than J. Cole? That's brain-dead levels of idiocy. I'm getting angry just thinking about it. F*ck, I'm getting angry just thinking about people liking Red Cafe. 

As you can see, I am of the opinion MTV is a worthless shit-hole, and their list is irrelevant. Still, when they put Jay-Z at #6, I found myself wondering.

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At first glance, Jay-Z at #6, for many people, in any year for the past sixteen (!), induces the gut reaction of wanting to punch somebody in the face. It's heresy. It's slander. It gets you a one way ticket to that fucked up temple I mentioned in New York, where Rakim wades in blood and Nas and RZA run around shitting on people.

But still, I'm just not sure. Couldn't Jay-Z possibly belong at #6? Who will they put ahead of him? Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj. That's the five who will end up higher than him. Of those five, it's hard to order them, and by that I mean it's hard to predict how MTV will order them. But, as disgusting as it makes me feel, those five are certainly "hotter". 

Nicki Minaj, as previously mentioned, has become an enormous, worldwide pop sensation. Hotter. Wayne sold a million the first week, dropped Sorry 4 the Wait, did some great features. Hotter. Kanye? MBDTF. Hotter. Drake put out Take Care, and generally dominated both the critical and commercial conversation. Hotter. Rick Ross made bona fide stars out of his proteges, put out a monster of a mixtape, and become that dude. Hotter.

I think I feel sick.

Jay-Z will be argued as the greatest to ever do it when he hangs it up, and I'm content to sit here and say he's the sixth hottest MC of right now? It feels weird, though not weird enough for me to change my mind. What's Hov been up to? He took part in the Revival of Yeezy. Also, he teamed up and dropped the most talked about project of 2011, which is obviously worth something. It did numbers with very minimal radio play out the gate, and now, a few months on, is enjoying Clear Channel success. Undeniably hot, but in today's world of constant output, it wasn't enough.  He just hasn't been that visible.

But let's not get all emotional and start chalking up our obituaries just yet. There's talk of another Throne project, and a solo album. Blue Ivy just might be the muse that pushes Papa Hov to all new creative heights. "Glory" was certainly masterful. More importantly, Blueprint 3 is out of the way. It did its job; it tacked on another five years to his commercial significance. Maybe, just maybe, Hov can deliver an artistic statement that doesn't need to be radio-friendly. Maybe he can be, lyrically Talib Kweli. I'm sure he'd love to leave us a few more exhibits for the eventual GOAT discussions. In typical Jay-Z fashion, any future work will probably just end up toeing the line between commercially acceptable and boundary pushing. It's a line he's walked his entire career, to great success.

Honestly, my only worry is that we end up with more "I'm a tortured soul, I live in disguise" Jay. I'm all for him spitting that conscious, "Murder to Excellence" shit, but I think I like my Jay-Z emotionless. He's an icon, the model of American success. Remain unshakeable, keep up that air of untouchability. I don't want depression talk. I want to look up at the Obamas, and the Bransons, and the Buffets, and see Mr. Carter.

Either way, new Hov is good Hov.

Sixth hottest MC alive. For now.

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